Excess Protection

Sick of paying an insurance excess? Alton Cars have a solution called Excess Protect:
1How does it work?
Taking Excess Protection cover means that Alton Cars will pay your excess next time you have an accident. In return we ask that you specify the use of your preferred Alton Cars branch when reporting the incident to your insurer.
2How do I subscribe to Excess Protection?
It’s a quick & easy process, just email promotions@altoncars.co.uk or contact the team on 01226 209609 to register your interest.
3How much does it cost & how long does cover last?
You can choose to take out 1, 2 or 3 years cover, which protects you for 1 incident per year, for a one of fee which only costs 10%, 15% or 20% of just one excess. Our subscription fees are shown below:
Excess protection gives you peace of mind & unbelievable value, whilst ensuring you’ll receive first class repairs & service from our award winning repair centres so what are you waiting for?