Collection & Delivery

At Alton Cars we have invested heavily in a fleet of 24 specialist recovery vehicles so that we can offer a recovery, collection & delivery service. Our top priority are immobile vehicles that are stranded by the roadside and we aim to be at the scene within 2 hours. If your vehicle requires a specialist recovery due to the nature of the damage, positioning of the vehicle, etc, then we can liaise with your insurers to make arrangements on your behalf.
We recognise that in today’s busy world, people can struggle to drop off or collect their vehicles. Not to worry, every branch of Alton Cars offers a collection & delivery service within a 30 mile radius*. Our Customer Service Advisors usually book open morning or afternoon appointments, but are happy to tailor arrangements where possible. Please bear in mind that we have to prioritise immobile vehicle collections and offer a first come first service, so we’re not always able to offer a same day service.
* Subject to insurance entitlement, cover & availability.